Driver’s Education

High Performance Driver’s Education (HPDE) or DE for short, is a thrilling and educational experience offered to members of our club, aimed at enhancing their driving skills and helping them unlock the full potential of their Porsche vehicles on a track. It is crucial to emphasize that DE is not a competition; instead, it focuses on driver development and safety. Participants are there to learn and have fun while mastering high-speed driving techniques, rather than to compete against each other. 

Is It Racing?

DE differs significantly from racing in that it doesn’t involve wheel-to-wheel competition. Instead, it’s about honing one’s driving abilities, learning to handle your car effectively, and understanding the dynamics of high-performance driving. Furthermore, DE is distinct from autocross, which typically takes place in a confined course, involving short bursts of intense, precision driving that only includes a single lap of the course. DE, on the other hand, provides participants with a controlled and safe environment to explore the capabilities of their car on a full racetrack where you will make multiple laps in roughly 20-25 minute sessions. There are usually 4-5 sessions in a DE day. 

A row of blue and white Porsches in the paddock at Laguna Seca racetrack.

Do I Need Instruction?

That depends… each participant in our DE events will need to be reviewed by our Chief Driving Instructor. If you’ve got the proven experience, or have already been signed off by a reputable driving program, you very well could “go solo”. That being said, we may recommend either a “ride-along” or lead-follow lap whenever it’s the first time driving at a new track. For new students and beginners, you will be required to have instruction. Note, that you can still get signed off to drive solo at some point in the day. 

In DE events, experienced instructors are readily available to provide guidance, feedback, and coaching to participants. These instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring that drivers not only enjoy their experience but also develop their skills in a controlled and safe manner. Our instructors are all certified Porsche Club of America instructor that have gone through specific training to earn their title. Not only do they have many years of experience under their belts, but they have learned how to communicate effectively to be able to maximize your learning. 

men standing together at Buttonwillow racetrack

What If I’m Slow? What If I’m Fast?

Participants are grouped by their driving ability or experience levels, allowing them to progress at their own pace and get the most out of their DE experience. This combination of safety, education, and camaraderie makes Driver’s Education an excellent choice for Porsche enthusiasts looking to elevate their driving skills in a controlled and non-competitive environment.

What Are Your Run Groups

We run four different groups differentiated by skill level and coded by color. It is possible to be moved up or down into different groups if you are not keeping pace with your assigned group, or are exceeding the pace. Either way, moves would need to be approved by the Chief Driving Instructor. 

Group levels & Colors

  • Beginner – Yellow
  • Intermediate – White
  • Advanced – Blue
  • Expert/Instructors – Red

For more information about our DE events, please contact our Chief Driving Instructor and DE Coordinator: Bob Bruington at 805-528-2957 or at

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