Tech Inspection Description and Form

Ensuring the safety of all participants at our DE and autocross events is paramount, and one key aspect of this is the mandatory technical inspection process. We understand that the last thing you’d want when you’re far from home, immersed in a driving event, is to encounter a mechanical failure, especially one that could have been prevented. Additionally, we want to take reasonable measures to ensure your and your fellow driver’s safety. That’s why we require every driver to have their cars professionally checked out prior to any DE and autocross events, reducing the risk of avoidable issues and ensuring a smoother experience for all.

We recommend getting your car pre-teched preferably within the two weeks leading up to your next event. While you’re free to have your Porsche inspected at any qualified PCA Zone 8 tech station, we strongly advise visiting one of the stations listed on our website. These stations are well-versed in our rules and can expertly fill out the necessary forms. Before taking your Porsche to a pre-tech station or registering for the driving event, please ensure that it’s properly registered on the Zone 8 Classification site.

While tech inspections go a long way in ensuring on-track safety, the ultimate responsibility for your car’s condition rests with you. Regardless of who conducts the inspection, it’s crucial that you become your own best advocate. Familiarize yourself with the Zone 8 Rules, particularly in regard to safety equipment, and confirm that your vehicle complies with these standards. Always be sure that you understand what the inspection entails and that the inspection section of your form is completed accurately by the tech.

In addition to the technical inspection of your vehicle, you will also be required to wear a conforming helmet. For DE, the requirement is a SNELL 2020 or newer helmet. For autocross, Helmets built to Snell Foundation standards or other standards such as FIA 8860, SFI 31.1 and BS6658-85 Type A-FR are approved for use. Approved helmets must be manufactured to the current rating or the two prior SA (Sports Auto), M or K Snell ratings. For example, the current Snell standard is 2020 therefore helmets meeting Snell M,K or SA 2015 and 2020 are acceptable. Also, any helmet approved for PCA Club Racing is permitted. Please bring your helmet with you at the time of inspection for the technician to review it and sign you off. In the case you don’t have a helmet, we will have conforming helmets for a reasonable rental fee at all DE and autocross events.

Porsche Club of America California Central Coast Region