What Are the Benefits of Joining?

By joining the PCA’s California Central Coast Region you’ve opened the door to a whole host of different experiences and the creation of lifelong memories. Be it social functions to driving experiences, we’ve got you covered. With one of the largest membership numbers of any California PCA club (700+), you are bound to have a great time with us.

The People

What’s a car club without great people – boring! We’ve got all walks of life in our club from young to old, blueblood to blue collar, DIY mechanics to take-it-to-the-dealer non-mechanics, you name it. You’ll find your people here. 

Do you have to be a dyed-in-the-wool Porsche fanatic? Not at all. Just be yourself. Just by owning what is arguably the greatest marque in automotive history, you get access to all sorts of fun here on the Central Coast. Membership with us exposes you to all walks of life. 

Social Functions

I’m not into racing my car, is there anything fun for me to do? You bet! From Cars & Coffee meetups to our annual Holiday Party we’ve got events for you to mingle with fellow Porsche enthusiasts. As a new member, you’ll want to join us at our huge New Member Barbeque where we celebrate you. Want to add in a little more driving with that event? Then add in our monthly Dine & Drive events. 

Driving Events

Want to push your car a little bit harder or to its limits? Then we’ve got your fix. While we’re all enthusiasts, our region has some serious driving talent. Not only do we have amazing people who volunteer their time to put together great driving experiences, we’ve got awesome instructors and plenty of high-performance driving to satiate you.

Drive ‘N Dine

Each month our activities director combs the central coast for great drives and excellent eats. We generally start off in a central location (like our very own PORSCHE of San Luis Obispo) and then take the fun, winding, scenic route to a target destination be it a restaurant or winery. Choose your speed and take in the scenery, or get a bit more spirited and hit redline a few times – or every shift. In the end, you’ll have driven some of the Central Coast’s best backroads and filled your belly with delicious food.


Want to push your car to its limits in a safe and non-intimidating environment? Want to do it over and over again? Well, our Testsrecke Autocross series may be the answer for you. At least 5 times a year, we’ve got an incredibly well-organized, fun, and safe autocross series that attracts participants from all over California. Never autocross? No problem. There is no judgment here – only fun. From dad’s old 914, to National Champions, everyone is welcome to come try their skills. And for your added benefit, we kick off each year with an autocross school. To learn more, go to our autocross page

Driver’s Education (DE)

Whether you are already addicted or just want to see what your car (or you) are capable of, we’ve got some fantastic opportunities for you to drive your Porsche at the racetrack. At least three times a year, we head to the track for what’s known as High Performance Driver Education, or DE for short. These full days at some of the nation’s best and most well-known tracks, like Laguna Seca and Willow Springs, give you more fun than you can imagine. Never been on a track – no problem. We’ve got a great group of PCA-certified driving instructors to help you progress. And if you’ve already got track experience, that’s great, you can drive solo in one of a number of different level driving groups. Check out our driver education (DE) page for more info.

PCA Member Benefits 

To see a full list of all the benefits you get from joining the PCA, go here: https://www.pca.org/membership-benefits

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